Many say fishing is a skill, but for our family, fishing is tradition, and tradition runs deep in our bloodline, many children in our family learn to through their first line, before giving their first steps, and this tradition is what separate us from the rest of the fishing charters that you’ll find in Roatan, we make this tradition part of your experience with us, this is not a “ride to a spot and through a line” tour, we make sure our clients feel part of our family, giving them an authentic Roatan fishing experience, anyone can enjoy a tradition trip like ours, from first time fishermen, to experienced fishermen, we make sure you get a real feel of what 100 year tradition feels like.

Captain Enrique Johnson, owner and head of Sea Sun and Fun Fishing Charters and Tours has made sure that every worker is capable of providing the fishing experience based on a family and Island tradition that comes from many generations, we make sure that every spot if carefully selected, to surprise new and experienced fishermen, we also make sure we don’t cause any long-term damage to the environment, by creating a careful schedule to visit our premium fishing spots.

Our boats are carefully designed for a first-class fishing experience, providing top class accommodations. Spend a trip with us, and become part of our family for a lifetime, as we pass down to you the knowledge and tradition of our ancestors.

Captain Alvarado Enrique Johnson

Captain Alvarado Enrique Johnson founder and owner of Sea Sun & Fun Fishing Charter and Tours born native to the island of Roatan, with over 30 years of fishing and boating experience Captain Johnson started working for his family cargo and fishing boat at a very young age. He learned everything there is to know about the boating business from his father and that hard work and determination pays off.

Which led him to new opportunities to work abroad as Captain in countries like Mexico and Dubai. A family man father of four, 3 sons and 1 daughter, and his loving and supportive wife with whom none of this could have been possible.

Captain Johnson decide a while back that he want to give a one-off a kind unforgettable experience for anyone who wanted to see the beauty and wonders the Bay Islands has to offer whether it would be via fishing charters, island tours, snorkeling trips, etc.

Come and enjoy all the beauty the bay islands has to offer and have a little sun and fun with us at Sea Sun & Fun Fishing Charters & Tours

Captain Arthur Johnson

Born and raised in Roatan, Captain Arthur Johnson is an expert fisherman. His father taught him how to fish at a very young age, and they spent a lot of quality time on the water. Captain Arthur finds being a charter boat captain so rewarding because it allows him to share his love of fishing and being on the water with others on a daily basis. He enjoys watching clients’ faces light up when they feel that tug on their line and the suspense while reeling in their catch. He takes great pleasure in showing them how to bait their lines, cast and set the hook. Captain Arthur is passionate about family, fishing and community, and it shows in everything he does.

Boat type-- Offshore sport fishing, center console.

Boat name-- Ismay
Over all leght, 31 feet.
Beam--- 8 feet
Make--- Mako 281
Year built--- 1999.
Cruise speed-- 29 knots.
Top speed-- 45.
Engines-- 2 yamaha 4 strokes.
Engine Hp-- 225.
Engine year built---2009.
Engine hours--643 hrs.
Passanger capacity seated-- 12 pax.